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G Suite Case Study

Autism Home Support Services Goes Google
Autism Home Support Services


Autism Home Support Services





Autism Home Support Services (AHSS) supports children with autism via Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for autism in home. Assembling a Care Team of qualified professionals and working tirelessly with their clients, AHSS believes that every child can reach their full potential. 
AHSS came to Cloudbakers in need. They were struggling with compliance (HIPAA) on their legacy system and were in need of a more effective communication solution. With G Suite, they were fully compliant using the out-of-the-box product and experienced drastic improvements to their messaging tools. Adding in DialPad allowed them to further these improvements with a cloud-based phone system that delivered mobility and accessibility at minimal capital cost. Not to mention DialPad took less than 4 days to deploy!
Google Cloud has brought an added layer of confidence and security to the kind of information AHSS uses and maintains on behalf of their clients. Servicing therapists out in the field, there is a great deal of sensitivity to the information going back and forth. There is also a need for their patients and parents to have easy access to this information without jeopardizing overall security. G Suite has accommodated these needs and more, while providing a seamless and fluid feel across the entire platform. 
They've also seen benefits from Google Cloud in regards to the ease with which they can onboard new therapists into the organization. Doubling in size each year (220 users to 600+ in under 2 years), they are on-boarding dozens of people a month. Throughout that process they all have to be brought up to speed on email, documents, etc. Luckily, with Google, most of the college grads they get as entry level therapists are familiar with the platform. Moreover, in addition to white market penetration, even the mid to more experienced therapists they hire have had exposure to Google as well. This makes the transition from Google Public Sector to Google Enterprise in HIPAA environments seamless and easy.
In addition to migrating them to G Suite, Cloudbakers was happy to help AHSS do a series of online videos and webinars for their new internet training website, as well as show their team how to conduct these trainings remotely via Google Hangouts. The end result was a very effective 3-tiered training implementation that touched everyone in the organization and makes a difference every day.
Finally, the move to Google greatly increases AHSS's ability to educate parents. They note that while therapists spend a few hours a day with a child, the children's parents spend nearly every hour of every day with them. It is absolutely imperative that the parents are well-informed and fully capable of furthering the work initiated by the therapists. The easily navigable Google platform allows AHSS to painlessly access the family so they can continue to modify behaviors and develop skills in the children regularly and stay in good sync with the clinicians. On the back end, the Google platform also allows AHSS to keep their 400+ clinicians on the same page and well organized. 


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