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Google Workspace Case Study

Journey To Cloud With A Great American Manufacturing Firm


Dwyer Instruments Inc.


Cloud Transformation



Meet Dwyer

Holding over 650 technical patents and growing every year, Dwyer Instruments, Inc., headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana, produces precision instruments and controls for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow. 

Ever wonder who assists hospitals to ensure operating and isolation room (particularly important during COVID-19) environments are safe? Dwyer’s instruments help ensure this safety.

While headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana, they have satellite offices across the globe serving customers in the field with extremely high standards of their own.

It’s not enough for Dwyer to make the highest quality instruments in the industry– they also want to be the easiest company for their clients to work with. For that to happen, they needed operational efficiency, enhanced communication, and security that could scale. "We knew we had to embrace new ways to develop and deliver applications that exceeded expected business outcomes. Cloud and the Google platform were the pathways we chose.", said Beth Jobbe, Application Development Manager at Dwyer.

New Team With Big Aspirations

The small internal IT team that Dwyer tapped to make this transformation come to life needed to do it at a reasonable cost and without increased headcount. They had a ton of legacy processes, systems, and procedures that employees had become accustomed to over almost 90 years of being in business. They also needed to influence the Senior Leadership Team that the cloud was the place their systems needed to live in order to position the organization for the future. 

Knowing where they wanted to go and to provide the experience needed to meet business needs with a cloud platform, Dwyer eventually connected with Google Cloud Premier Partner, Cloudbakers, to help them achieve their goals and reassure their leadership team with a solid case for ROI and scalability.

Let The Foundation Flourish

Phone system, check. Call center, check, Credit card processing, check, Microsoft Office to Google Workspace, check. Servers, check. Network, check. Project management tools, check. Endpoint security, CRM, helpdesk, check, check, check. And the list goes on. With an extensive list of applications moved from onsite to cloud-based in a matter of months, Dwyer had to figure out an efficient and repeatable process for their digital transformation. “We knew where we wanted to go with Google Cloud, but we were not sure how to get there. Cloudbakers stepped in as a consultant, coach and team member in ways that helped us deliver value quickly to the business. Money well spent. Cloudbakers definitely helped us and continues to help us accelerate,” says William Hester, Director of IT at Dwyer.

Moving systems to the cloud isn’t just about bringing something from one place to another. It’s about enhancing the performance, security, and the productivity of those that use the tools. After that, the real fun begins – the kind of fun that provides new insights, new revenue sources, decreased risk and infinite scale.

Dwyer continued partnering with Cloudbakers after their initial cloud migrations for continued guidance on next steps. Even after their initial system migrations to the cloud, they were still in a hybrid environment due to their ERP being on premise. The next stage in Dwyer’s cloud journey involved bringing data from all the systems mentioned above into one view: Google’s BigQuery. As Zachary Diamond, Developer at Dywer put it, “we could finally satisfy our need for business intelligence by cross-analyzing all our information from one central repository.” The tools that Google Cloud offers are merely stepping stones to the next big opportunity for Dwyer.

From Legacy to Lean

So how is Dwyer able to continue to fund more innovation? The proof is in the budget reviews. Efficiencies that have been realized by digital transformation, along with consolidation of many business needs within Google Cloud and Google Workspace, freed up legacy expenses that could then be focused on growing for the future. As a bonus, Dwyer can better estimate new cloud costs allowing product engineers to quickly spin up a testing server and quickly scale back when the need is over. No residual hardware, maintenance or depreciation.

And if all of these benefits were originally expected, the icing on the cake was this: in an organization where leadership was initially and rightfully a bit cautious about an all-in move to the cloud, this initiative convinced them to do even more with the cloud going forward. Presenting each phase of this transformation as it’s own small win gradually built trust, confidence and an excitement to keep innovating.

Google Cloud offerings bring a geographically distributed organization together and helps make the world seem smaller. While Dwyer continues to grow overseas, there’s been an increasing need for a different way to communicate. Using global Google Meet webinars, Dwyer has seen attendance rates spike with more customers coming together than ever before. This has become yet another example of Dwyer being easy to work with, no matter where their clients are.


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