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Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Provides Mobility for All with G Suite

Google’s Partner, Cloudbakers, to handle their email migration

Google Workspace Case Study

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Provides Mobility for All with Google Workspace
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Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush



Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, a nationally recognized leader in comprehensive orthopaedic services, engaged Google to preserve client confidentiality. Pleased with their message encryption solution, Chuck Blazek, CTO of Midwest Orthopaedics, decided to do away with their on-premise Microsoft Exchange environment and doubled down with Google Workspace for ~420 employees. Chuck’s IT staff’s time was valuable, he was tired of watching them spend time maintaining their legacy messaging system and the idea of upgrading to a newer version of Exchange was expensive, not appealing and not in the best interest of Midwest Orthopaedics. Midwest Orthopaedics was constantly demanding support for new mobile devices including the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s; support for all the different devices was becoming an IT nightmare. After evaluating all the available options, Midwest Orthopaedics realized the tremendous value Google Workspace provided and went all-in!


Midwest Orthopaedics engaged Google’s Partner, Cloudbakers, to handle their email migration, optimally configure their multi-location environment, and train the technical staff on how to best leverage Google Workspace. Cloudbakers’ high-touch local presence in Chicago served as an extension of the Google team to Midwest Orthopaedics.


Doctors and health care professionals in general, need to be mobile. Google Workspace provides the best support across devices making each Dr.’s request for a new iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, PC, MacBook Air, etc. a non-event for the IT team. The granular controls available through Google Workspace were liberating. The availability of tools has increased productivity and collaboration amongst all levels of the organization.

Google's solutions have kept Midwest Orthopaedics compliant in the highly regulated Health Care industry while enabling their workforce. The ability for administrators to have a record of authority over all emails in their domain saves time, money, and valuable resources! Message encryption keeps sensitive client data confidential.

Midwest Orthopaedics has a perfect trifecta of Google products for the health care industry: Message encryption to keep data confidential, Google Vault to ensure a record of authority of all activity in Gmail & Google Drive, and Google Workspace for device independent email, messaging, calendars, contacts and collaboration. 


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