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Strengthening Healthcare Processes with Google Cloud

3rd party applications to ensure HIPAA compliance and security, all integrating seamlessly with G Suite

Google Workspace Case Study

Strengthening Healthcare Processes with Google Cloud





Meet OrthoIllinois
Founded in 1967, OrthoIllinois has grown to become one of the leading providers for bone and joint care in Illinois. Their physicians are both certified and specialized and have access to state-of-the-art technology. They provide diagnosis, clinical care, diagnostic imaging, and rehabilitation therapy--all from any of their locations. 

With 400+ employees across multiple, all-in-one locations, OrthoIllinois has been heavily reliant on technology for effective communication. Until their migration to Google Workspace, their outdated email technology was falling short of their needs. A key issue and threat to security was that intellectual property and proprietary information was not under their control. Due to limitations and frustrations with their available email client, employees were using personal accounts as an alternative to store sensitive information. 

Security First
OrthoIllinois realized improving security had become the topic of every leadership meeting being conducted. In a concerted effort to improve security, they did some research and quickly realized Google Cloud was their best bet for a secure solution. Cloud based, flexible, HIPAA compliant--all of their needs were met. Moreover, the new platform was scalable. Having recently performed a merger and planning for another shortly after, it was extremely helpful that Google allowed for easy expansion and portability. This allowed them to expand their IT capabilities and not have to spend on additional infrastructure. 

Collaboration As An Added Bonus
They are now efficiently sharing files between primary care givers and specialists, such as surgical videos, even medical charts. Instead of doctors carrying around thick stacks of charts and papers they can utilize Google Drive and know that anyone relevant to the task at hand will have access to the files. 


Google's capacity for integrations was immediately helpful. Like any healthcare organization, compliance is a must. They have been able to use 3rd party applications to ensure HIPAA compliance and security, all integrating seamlessly with Google Workspace.

The benefits of efficient integrations have also been noticed by admins. OrthoIllinois is enjoying the efficient synchronization between Active Directory and Google; one username and password can be used to access both platforms. They simply create a user in Active Directory and it's automatically created in Apps and easily assigned. Finally, they further integrated calendaring into their EMR (electronic medical record) system so caregivers can sync and view calendars off of all of their devices.

"You can talk about technology all day long, but the hardest part about a transition is getting users converted over and comfortable." Cloudbakers helped OrthoIllinois not only with the details of the new technology but also provided extensive change management that ensured their users' success on day 1.


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