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Meet the Bakers



Haley Shopp

Business Analyst

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Haley grew up in The Lone Star State, otherwise known as Texas. Her passion for numbers and patterns lead her to achiving her undergraduate degree in math from Dallas Baptist University, and soon after became a high school math teacher.

Though she loves math, she's also intrigued by business process and technology. It wasn't long before she headed north to the (definitely colder) state of Illinois. There she received her Masters in Operations Research from Illinois Institute of Technology and began focusing on her career on research and data management. Now she lives and breathes her passion for data and solutions as Cloudbakers' Business Analyst. 

In her downtime, Haley is a swimmer and connoisseur of comedy. Whether she's going to an improv show, watching it on television, or listening via Podcast, she is a true comedy enthusiast. 

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