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Critical Security & Management Policies to Implement in Your SaaS Environment

End users can control file sharing settings, create their own groups, install third-party apps by themselves


How the Public Sector is Leveraging Technology to Achieve Objectives

Using cloud computing empowers local & state governments to provide better and more efficient services to constituents

From enhancing self-service options for residents and businesses seeking permits to managing parking and traffic, the benefits of technology in the public sector are clear. In fact, long before the coronavirus pandemic emerged, government officials were seeking ways to utilize technology to improve their own operations, as well as the services they provide to citizens.

This playbook will delve into some of the trends and objectives that are leading the public sector to consider new technology options. They include:

  • Elevating the level of service to constituents even as budgets shrink
  • Improving customer experience for constituents
  • Enabling telecommuting and remote work options both as a response to COVID-19 and as a way to improve employee satisfaction
  • Leveraging the cloud while ensuring data security and compliance
  • Using technology to improve quality of life and economic competitiveness
Download this playbook to fully tap the potential of technology to achieve your short-term and long-term objectives!
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