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Imagination Publishing Migrate to G Suite

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Imagination is a Chicago-based content marketing agency delivering thought leadersip through publishing print, digital, video, and social media. As a custom publisher they develop innovative marketing strategies for their clients in the business to business, financial services, and business to consumer spaces. They've been doing content marketing since before it was cool!
G Suite now sits at the center of the suite of apps and platforms imagination uses. Collaboratively building documents and spreadsheets is invaluable to imagination. Managing projects requires multiple moving parts and various sets of tools. Google integrates these tools effectively and allows for efficient day-to-day use. 
In addition to a solid platform to work from, Imagination's move to Google greatly improved their overall security. As security became a growing concern for Imagination (like all businesses nowadays), they realized they can't do security as well as an organization like Google, they simply don't have the bandwith. People like to hear that Google is working on it; people have faith in brand names. Their employees and their clients have a lot of faith and confidence in the system because they know the very best and brightest are behind it. 
Imagination notes that an added bonus of working with Cloudbakers is the unseen grab bag surprises that pop up in the day to day. They know they're getting an awesome suite of products with G Suite, but having a partner opens them up to other opportunities. For example, being asked if they're using Flash Panel (now BetterCloud), and finding out about a whole new GUI interface for the Google admin tools they use with the command line environment. Constant tips and surprises like these are what make long-term relationships between Cloudbakers and their clients so beneficial.
As for meetings, Hangouts is extremely conducive to the conversational, intuitive format Imagination loves. When launching a project, Imagination will share multiple desktops with a client and shift the focus around to multiple players. It allows for easy incorporation of remote workers, fluid sharing of presentations and files, and makes their clients feel that they've really put thought into the discussion. All thanks to Google!
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