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financial services

The cloud market in the financial industry is expected to grow from $9.89 billion to $29.47 billion by 2021.

(Source: MarketsandMarkets)

The Cloudbakers Difference

Your most sensitive data requires the most secure migration and storage.

Cloud migrations are becoming commonplace in the financial services industry, and it’s not tough to figure out why. For starters, everything becomes more agile in the cloud. That means longstanding firms with siloed departments (that are often difficult for IT departments to manage) can easily scale and adapt to change. That agility also comes with cost savings. With your IT department working faster than ever, you can free up your budget for bigger fish to fry.

Of course, as with any industry, financial services companies are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. By safely and efficiently moving your company to the cloud, you get a leg up on the companies using legacy technology. And last but not least, no one understands the importance of protecting sensitive information like the financial industry—and with our help in safely migrating your data, the cloud was built to do just that.

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