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A whiteboard 
in the cloud,

on the wall, in your meeting room,

and beyond your meeting room.

The immediate benefits are simple and probably obvious; saving your work without the fear of someone erasing the board, accessing your session from anywhere in the world, integrating with other G Suite applications (including Hangouts), and more. But what about the aspects that aren't as obvious. Here's what we've discovered through our own access to Jamboard and hearing stories from clients.

Keeping your team engaged
Have you ever held a meeting where someone can't see the board? Or worse yet, you're losing his or her attention while they find a place to take their own notes while getting distracted in the mean time? With access to the Jamboard session from any mobile device, your entire team can take part in the creation of your vision, whether they're great at speaking up or like to take a more quiet participation approach.

Visualizing the 'bigger picture'
Some projects or initiatives are difficult to separate into only Docs or only Sheets. And then at the end of it all, you start from scratch again, creating a presentation in Slides. What if you could bring it all together? Jamboard let's you pull all types of Drive content and even other images and pages from the web.

Lifting the limits of creativity
Not everyone can brainstorm through words – they need to draw out a diagram, add notes, move those notes around, add pictures for clarification, and so on. All of this is possible through Jamboard. Give your users the channel to work without limits and create value from all the intellectual property that is produced throughout the process.

Jamboard.pngThe Logistics

  • 55-inch display screen & 4K resolution
  • Single cable setup
  • Supports 16 touches at once on a single device
  • Comes with 2 styluses, an eraser, and wall mount
  • Price starts at $4,999 plus a $600 annual management fee



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