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Meet the Bakers

Mike Meier | Cloudbakers


Mike Meier

Cloud Deployment Engineer

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With an eclectic taste in activities and a full calendar, Mike is always on the run. Being a self-described theatre geek and an aspiring helicopter pilot, he is always looking for a new skill to conquer. With a work hard, play hard attitude, he stays competitive at home or at the office. Whether it’s vanquishing foes on the virtual battlefield, or competing against co-workers on the Cloudbakers ping-pong table, Mike is always looking for a challenge.

That competitive spirit really shines when it comes to helping clients achieve their business goals. Whether it’s project management or product support, Mike understands that staying ahead of the competition is the difference between success and failure. An excellent problem solver, Mike is always up for taking on a complex challenge, and brings years of experience of customer support and technology troubleshooting to the table.

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