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choose what's best for ongoing cloud success

Work smart and efficiently with 24x7 support from Cloudbakers & Google


To help ensure your ongoing success, our Customer Care Team remains with your account
to provide a full range of timely support, education, and assistance to help your staff work smart and fast.

AI-assisted Helpdesk

Our Customer Care Team is staffed by experts that know your account. They’re also backed up by direct access to Google’s 500+ experts to keep your collaboration apps up and running around the clock and around the globe.

Whether you're requesting help for G Suite, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), CRM, or other solutions, Cloudbakers is your one-stop shop.

DevOps Training

We can train your staff on Google Cloud Platform, so they can maintain your apps and infrastructure on their own.

Training programs can include upskilling your IT staff on the latest innovations like containers, microservices, and serverless computing. With these technologies, your DevOps teams can remove cost and latency from the DevOps chain, as well as scale infinitely and elastically with just a few mouse clicks.

Maximize Your Technology Investment

Want to learn more about Google Cloud technology and ecosystem? Our dedicated account managers and subject matter experts are available to help. You can expand your apps and infrastructure to find new ways to improve customer experience, create customer value, and grow your business.

Cloudbakers provides security reviews, adoption guidelines, license management, product roadmaps, best practices and consultation.

Discuss Tech Support

Ongoing End User Training

Your users have a thirst for knowledge and you want the most out of your technology investment. CLaaS provides a platform to deliver relevant content which increases job satisfaction and workplace productivity.

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