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Google Cloud Platform’s full suite of data management tools

Do more with your data with help from Google

GCP Data Modernization

Google has your data’s back.

Google Cloud Platform’s full suite of data management tools make it easier than ever for the ‘bakers to build your analytical expertise.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Do more with your data with help from Google.

Analyzing data and forming insights are key to making the right decisions for your business. That means the more data you can collect, analyze and act on, the better. With Google Cloud Platform, we can build you a data warehouse that pulls from your most informative sources and a dashboard that collects it all in real time. Plus, with automatic scaling, there’s no hardware required—just accurate data for actionable insights.


GCP Products

The tools behind your most powerful insights yet.


Eliminate the need for a database administrator with a serverless, highly scalable and cost-effective cloud data warehouse through BigQuery.
Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataflow

Simplify stream (real-time) and batch (historical) data processing with Cloud Dataflow through a serverless approach and near limitless capacity for transforming and enriching your data.
Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Dataproc

Already using Hadoop and Spark? Migrate existing workloads or create new ones with Cloud Dataproc, a managed Hadoop service that reduces overhead and cluster management while still letting you use the tools you love.
Data Studio

Data Studio

Google Data Studio lets users make custom reports and dashboards that empower data exploration and facilitate insight.
Google Cloud Machine Learning

Cloud Machine Learning APIs

Use the pre-trained artificial intelligence APIs from Google to enrich unstructured data, create virtual agents, automate boring and repetitive tasks and connect potential employees with openings at your organization.
Cloud AI Platform

Cloud AI Platform

Use Cloud AI Platform to develop and deploy custom machine learning models in a seamless cycle, getting you the most possible value out of your data.

The Cloudbakers Difference

Because faster adoption means faster ROI.

Google Cloud Platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use to collect data. The ‘bakers process is designed to help you understand and master your new technology to better put that data to use. Bring the two together, and deploying, adopting and applying your data modernization solution has never been easier.

Data Modernization with Google Cloud

Our Case Studies

Discover how our solutions led to better business decisions.

Read our case studies on GCP data modernization to see how our solutions have been put to work.

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