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add GCP to your multi-cloud experience for the most cost-effective innovation in the industry

GCP Infrastructure Modernization

Discover everything Google Cloud Platform brings to the table.

Go all-in on Google or add GCP to your multi-cloud experience for the most cost-effective innovation in the industry.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Cloud infrastructure has come a long way, thanks to Google.
Google changed the game of cloud infrastructure with the introduction of Google Cloud Platform—and changed the game again with the release of cost-saving Kubernetes Engine for containerizing applications. They really are the Big Kahuna in developing applications, PaaS, SaaS and more that optimize the building, navigating, managing and mastering of your cloud infrastructure. (Is there anything these Googlers can’t do?)
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GCP Tools

Tools to take your infrastructure from better to the best.
Google Compute Engine

Compute Engine

Leverage Google’s Infrastructure as a Service platform to easily run and scale your VMs in the cloud. Compute Engine offers fast boot times and fully customizable Machine Types optimized for your specific use case. Google also makes it easy to realize significant savings with per-second billing, automatic discounts for long-running workloads and Committed Use Discounts.

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Migrate for Compute Engine

Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly Velostrata)

Save time and reduce risks of moving your workloads to the cloud through the use of the Compute Engine’s migration tool. Migrate for Compute Engine migrates from the virtual machine monitoring layer, meaning there is no agent to install, and workloads can begin running in the cloud in minutes. Kick off complex migrations with a single click with the simple runbooks. Cut costs by right- sizing your instances as they migrate through detailed analytics gathered by Google’s tool before you migrate.

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Keeping your apps up-to-date is key to delivering lower latency and higher uptimes. An open-source service mesh, Istio makes complex microservice deployments simpler by providing full operational control to meet the unique needs of all your applications. It lets you keep your infrastructure simple and your applications plentiful.

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Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Engine

Containerizing is the easiest way to scale applications up to meet demand and down for cost-savings. Kubernetes is now the standard in cloud containers. It automatically deploys and scales for easy management of containerized applications across multiple hosts. Reliable, fast and open-sourced, it’s the most trusted container orchestration platform available. Google Kubernetes Engine takes the complexity out of maintaining a Kubernetes cluster and allows you to automate and scale your deployment.

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The Cloudbakers Difference

Your dynamic duo in cloud migration.

Google Cloud Platform has no shortage of tools that the ‘bakers utilize in building and optimizing your cloud infrastructure. Combined with our expertise, proven processes and change management guidance, you’ll get the best cloud technology on the market and the best help in implementing and adopting it.

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