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Google Cloud Platform is at the ready with secure, scalable solutions

google cloud platform Leading our industry in price and performance

Google Cloud Platform

Leading our industry in price and performance.

Google Cloud Platform is at the ready with secure, scalable solutions that can save you up to 60% on average compared to other cloud providers.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Travel the cloud at the speed of Google.

Modernize your technology with reliable, secure, streamlined solutions from Google for a digital transformation that adds real value to your organization. With custom machine types to optimize CPU and memory usage, ultra-low-latency data transfer and highly secure deployment services—combined with Cloudbakers' seamless implementation—cloud migration has never been easier.

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Build: Efficiently develop applications and dashboards to elevate your business in the cloud with Google’s suite of easy-to-learn development tools


Scale: Automatically scale applications to adapt to traffic patterns, reduce fragmentation and cut costs all around with Kubernetes, Google’s industry-leading containerizing tool

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Manage: Keep an eye on all of your cloud resources using Google's Cloud Security Command Center and ensure safety with a platform backed by the same security Google uses itself


Explore how your business can benefit from Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform offers a library of top-notch cloud tools for us to build your solution. Put Cloudbakers to work on your cloud migration and ensure that it’s tailored (and taught) to you. No matter which migration you’re hankering for, our team of ‘bakers has the expertise and guidance to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Infrastructure Modernization

New to Google Cloud Platform? We’ll get your business in the cloud and your team on board with Google’s top-notch technology and our time-tested infrastructure modernization process.

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Data Modernization

Looking for an easier way to collect and manage your data? Look no further than Google Cloud Platform’s data modernization tools combined with guidance from Cloudbakers to master your solution.

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Application Development

That app idea you have? Let’s make it a reality. We build custom applications with Google’s application development tools and teach you to navigate and manage your app like a pro before go-live hits.

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Our Case Studies

See exactly what Google Cloud Platform can do.

Read our case studies on GCP data modernization to see how our solutions have been put to work.

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