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Google Voice keeps you free to stay on-task and connected from anywhere

with one work number and the ability to integrate with your G Suite applications

Google Voice

One phone number to rule all devices.

Google Voice keeps you free to stay on-task and connected from anywhere, on any device, with one work number and the ability to integrate with your G Suite applications.

Why Google Voice

There's a lot to say about Google Voice.

Take the hassle out of work calls with Voice, a phone solution for organizations of any size. It simplifies your work phone set up with one number across all your devices, allowing you to make and receive calls from anywhere. Its simple interface allows for ease of navigating features like call forwarding and choosing which devices you want to receive calls on at any given time.

Usage and activity reporting give admins the full picture and 24/7 support is always available from Google. From unlimited SMS in the US to free calling to the US from any country and free calling to Canada from the US, being connected has never been easier.

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Google Voice Features

So much more than a phone line.


Voice integrates with your existing G Suite applications to keep you fully in the loop. Stay on top of your schedule through Voice with Calendar integrations and quickly recap meeting context before calling in or picking up through integrations with Hangouts Meet. Voice also syncs with Polycom devices to integrate with your desk phone.


Admin Controls

Admins have full control over number assignment, porting and billing from the Admin console they’re already familiar with through G Suite. Plus, number assignments can be deployed instantly from anywhere, making onboarding an easier process.


AI Technology

Using Google’s AI technology, Voice filters and blocks spam calls so you never waste your time on calls you don’t want. It also lets you configure your PBX and automatically transcribes voicemails so you can keep up with work no matter where you are.


Web and Mobile Apps

Access the Voice app for web to make or receive calls from your computer or on-the-go with Voice apps for iPhone and Android. When you do go mobile, don’t worry about using minutes from your phone plan—Voice uses WiFi and mobile data, and if an Internet connection isn’t available, you can still make calls by setting up an alternative number and linking it from your mobile carrier.

Add Voice to your G Suite set up.

Reach out to the ‘bakers to get integrating.