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Meet the Bakers

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Rushi - 20180531-003

Rushi Parikh

Technical Sales Engineer 

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Rushi grew up in Munster, Indiana (for beer fans that’s also the home of Three Floyd’s Brewery). Rushi attended Ball State University and studied accounting and finance. After contemplating sitting for the CPA Exams (which also meant studying for CPA exams), he opted for a master’s in Information and Communication Science, which he also acquired at Ball State.

Post graduate school, Rushi moved to NYC and accepted a position at IBM as Sales Engineer for IBM’s Data Science and Business Intelligence products. After three years at IBM, it was time to move back to the midwest. After a half day visit to the Cloudbakers’ headquarters, Rushi was convinced that joining this exciting company was the right fit for his next adventure. At Cloudbakers, Rushi continues to work as a sales engineer where he helps clients realize the value of being a data driven organization.

On an average day and away from his workstation, you will find Rushi at his personal laptop trying new visualization tools, researching travel ideas, trying out new raspberry pi projects and when all else fails watching Netflix. Away from screens, Rushi likes to travel whether through roadtrips, work travel, or even the occasional international trip!

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