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G Suite Case Study

Scranton Gillette Improves Communication with G Suite


Scranton Gillette Communications is a 110 year old family publishing business that connects buyers and sellers with exceptional content. In recent years, as they have continued to grow and advance technologically, their need to move on from their 7 year old, shaky Exchange email server became increasingly clear. This out-of-date email server was in bad need of upgrades which were associated with additional capital expenses. Moreover, they were having difficulties supporting up-and-coming satellite offices with their limited technology. And as is custom in companies in similar situations, their IT team was spending time maintaining utility applications instead of adding value to the business.

When their systems finally experienced a hard crash over a busy weekend everyone was sent everyone into a scramble. They decided to do an emergency upgrade to G Suite (with a full data migration) and rid themselves of these issues once and for all. The CEO and head of IT were huge advocates for the move, and Cloudbakers ensured a successful rollout by implementing a condensed change management program to educate users during the emergency transition.

Scranton now uses G Suite for all sorts of tasks across the entire enterprise, from sales staff to administration to reporting. It keeps the company woven together in real time across devices, locations, and platforms. Their collaboration has drastically increased. In their accounting groups they (like others) use many spreadsheets; being able to share a single document and have multiple people work on it at the same time has made them a lot more efficient. It allows them to save one copy of a document and not have people emailing 3 or 4 different copies around and clogging up inboxes. 

Scranton is all about their team and about creative process. They now routinely have meetings in which several people in the room are updating the same Google Docs together, in real time. Remote workers are able to observe or get involved in the discussion and make contributions to the files from wherever they are. With commodity applications functioning so efficiently, they have been able to re-purpose their IT team to move all their publications to the web and begin mining and selling their data. This is constantly adding value to their clients and the company, all while reducing external and internal expenses.

Scranton notes that their experience with Cloudbakers was great. One thing Cloudbakers focuses heavily on is change management. When you're organization is going through a change as seismic as internal hosted email with heavy weight email clients being moved to email in the cloud, the change management portion is the most important part of it. It can take work to get people to understand shared file storage, search vs sort, or labels vs folders--and that's really just the tip of iceberg. You need a partner in your corner who really understands change management; one who's seen it occur successfully and unsuccessfully and can shepherd you through that change and ensure success.

Migrating to G Suite has helped Scranton Gillette Communications cement themselves as a thought leader in the publishing industry. With technology on their side they can continue to grow and connect people with exceptional content and ideas. 

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