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Meet the Bakers

Shaun Banta | Cloudbakers


Shaun Banta

Director of Business Development

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Born and raised in small town Wisconsin, Shaun grew up in a family who preached good leadership and hard working values. Always looking for ways to make life better for everyone around him, a career path in business solutions was an obvious choice early on. 

After completing four years at Carroll University, Shaun earned a degree in both Graphic Communications and Information Technology. He further developed his leadership and team skills by enduring 4 years of division 3 football and earning all-conference honors as the football teams cornerback. As a fan of many different types of entertainment, he enjoys participating in many different athletic events as well as going on outdoor vacations. His graphic and technical skills have led him from a position at Cloudbakers as the Manager of Cloud Enablement & Business Analysis to Director of Business Development.

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