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Custom Application Development Case Study


Smash My Trash Compacts Waste While Expanding Potential in the Cloud

Moving fast from the start

Smash My Trash is revolutionizing the waste management industry. Offering at least 20% savings on regular waste expenses, they provide on-demand container waste compaction services. Since their recent inception, they’ve quickly landed many sizeable clients, including some Fortune 500 companies. Preparing for the growth they know to be on the way, leaders at Smash My Trash wanted systems that could scale now, and will continue to scale alongside their growing business.

Born in the Cloud

Unlike most of Cloudbakers’ projects, Smash My Trash didn’t require a migration; they were born in the cloud.

Building out the company infrastructure for the first time, the Smash team wanted to be sure they did it right. They were in need of a custom application and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, and reached out to multiple sources for project quotes. The situation became competitive, with various custom development teams and Zoho vendors involved. In the end, Cloudbakers price point and understanding of the entire solution earned them the project.

A 4-way integrated application

Smash My Trash came to Cloudbakers with certain processes in place. They had a native truck routing system, as well as Quickbooks Accounting and Stripe Online Payment software. What they didn’t have, however, was a central application uniting these systems, and a CRM to allow them to scale efficiently.

Needless to say, Zoho Creator & CRM were the obvious selections. On the customer-facing side, the “Request a Smash” application the Bakers built on Creator takes form as a customer portal. Smash My Trash clients (or to-be clients) can log in, view available timeslots in their area, request service, and process payment, all in one place. The user experience is seamless.

On the back-end, key integrations come into play. Shown below, the application integrates with all other systems being used at Smash My Trash. It pulls customer information from Zoho CRM to autopopulate sign up forms. Payment is processed through Stripe without leaving the portal, and payment information is fed directly into Quickbooks. Finally, the time & location identified in each service request is automatically uploaded into the truck routing system.

Smash My Trash Custom Application | Cloudbakers

Getting up & running

With no data migration to perform and an enthusiastic team of quick-learners, the Smash My Trash project required minimal training. Cloudbakers provided a series of short training videos for current & future employees, and the team was up and running in no time – the benefits of being adaptable!

Client: Smash My Trash
Industry: Waste Management
Business Driver: Unify systems and augment scalability
Solution: Custom Application built on Zoho Creator; Zoho CRM

Smash My Trash | Website
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