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cloud change management and adoption

communication planning, regular training, workflow enhancements and ongoing support

Why Cloudbakers

Because change (management) is a good thing.

Implementing cloud technology is second nature to us, but we understand it might not be for you. Our solutions are only as good as your team’s ability to use them on an individual level, and that’s why we meet you where you are to guide you to where you want to be.

We’re right there with you through every step of the cloud migration and solution implementation process, teaching your new tech to every level of your organization at all levels of skill and experience. It’s our get-the-hang-of-it guarantee, and trust us, we know you will.

Our Change + Adoption Process

By 2020, 95% of all cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.
(Source: Gartner)

Luckily, a robust change management program from Cloudbakers will help all your employees master your cloud solution and avoid those costly and time-consuming errors.


Change management can bring an ROI as high as 135%.
But that starts by getting to the bottom of your project needs. We’ll sit down with your leadership, stakeholders, department experts, external partners and end users, asking questions, analyzing data and preparing a comprehensive plan to get everyone on the same page, ready to embrace and adopt your new solution. Alignment in the beginning phases ensures smooth sailing throughout the entire process—getting you closer to that maximum ROI.

group-change adoption
67% of successful change management initiatives cite change champions as a key role.
So we find the change champions within your company who can help set the tone for success. These are your biggest influencers. When it’s time to teach your solution to the whole team, you’ll already have advocates on staff who are ready to show them the ropes.

48% of companies don’t clearly communicate the reasons for change in during change management.
And it’s tough to get people backing a solution that doesn’t connect with them on an individual level. While your change champions will help, keeping your entire company in the loop on your new tech from kickoff to go-live is the best way to ensure true individual understanding and connection. We’ll figure out the best way to get the message across and clearly communicate the changes and their benefits to your team.

Of course, the best change management programs don’t end when your new tech launches. The ‘bakers stick around to keep tabs on your training, provide progress reports, hold Transformation Labs and convert naysayers in your company into advocates with post go-live support and reinforcement to help the change stick. As long as you need us, we’ll be there.

Taking you from cloud
newbie to cloud conqueror.

Continuous support is the special sauce in the solutions we deliver.



We’ll put your solution in place and migrate your existing files, data, information and more so it’s at the ready whenever you are.


Your solution is only as good as your ability to use it, which is why we emphasize change management at every stage of your implementation and beyond.


It’s one thing to get you using your solution. It’s another to get you to be passionate about it. We prefer the latter, and our clients do too.
Project Management
Project Management

Throughout the course of your implementation, our project managers are overseeing the process, setting expectations, conducting weekly status meetings and confirming deliverables to keep you in the loop. And when go-live hits, we’re not going anywhere.

Learning Service
Cloudbakers University

Cloud technology changes fast. To keep you up to speed, our learning platform provides videos, practice activities, and questionnaires on the latest changes and additions to the tech that affects your solutions and your business.

Care Desk
Care Desk

We never want you to go it alone. If a technical issue pops up with your solution, reach out to our Care Desk. You and one of our expert ‘bakers can hash it out together and get your solution back in the cloud’s good graces.

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Learn the True Value of Change Management