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Zoho CRM Implementation

top-notch knowledge of CRM development

ZOHO CRM Implementation

Our recipe for improved customer relationships.

At Cloudbakers, our top-notch knowledge of CRM development gives us the experience and the insights to design a solution that keeps your business growing.

Why Cloudbakers

Your business development is in good hands.

A secure and efficient CRM platform is key to more than managing customer relationships. With your business development built in the cloud, you can improve collaboration team wide, driving customer engagement, making it easier for reps and managers to work together, increasing productivity and helping C-Suite execs oversee sales at a high level. TLDR: Say goodbye to spreadsheets, stay informed, make better decisions and never look back.

"This is great but I need to move FAST! Do you have any way that we could start taking advantage of Zoho's platform right away?"

Yes. Yes we do! If you need to get your company's CRM operations into the cloud right away (or switch to Zoho if you're already in the cloud) you need to check out our Rapid Zoho Standup Package.

Do you already have Zoho but need role-specific training for your organization?

We have just the thing with our functional role-based Zoho Training Packages!

Automate business processes with cloud

Define your customer experience and automate your business process

CRM Roadmap

Reduce change anxiety by understanding your CRM roadmap

New CRM Implementation

Implement your new CRM with no false starts or setup learning curve

Migrate legacy CRM data

Migrate your legacy data both quickly and accurately

Eliminate spreadsheets with CRM

Eliminate the need for complex spreadsheets

Our Partner

Find your CRM soulmate.

Finding the right CRM for your business can be a bit of a needle-in-the-haystack situation. To make choosing yours easier, we’ve done our homework on the most affordable and easy-to-use CRM platform and narrowed our focus to the most reliable, streamlined and advanced option on the market. We thought you’d like that.

Zoho CRM | Zoho Premium Partner | Cloudbakers

With 40+ applications and the ability to integrate with G Suite, it’s no wonder our clients love Zoho.

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Our Process

Your travel buddy in the cloud.

With a clear roadmap of the entire development process, you’ll understand how your CRM solution will impact your organization and business processes for the long haul.

Cloudbakers Agile Process Cloudbakers Agile Process

It’s not our first CRM rodeo.

Our experienced CRM development team can implement your new CRM 50% faster than average. After completing the setup of hundreds of CRM systems, we could do this stuff in our sleep (not that we would of course) and your focus can stay on using your new platform to optimize your customer relationships. How’s that for a plan?


Let the ‘bakers lead the way.

No matter the platform you choose, we’ll teach your new tech to every level of your organization. When your solutions are in place, you’ll know your way around them as well as we do.

Our Case Studies

Making the
case for implementing with us.

See the impact our CRM solutions can have on your business and your customers.

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Hotels for Hope is changing the hospitality industry by donating a portion of sales to non-profits...

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World Vision Embraces Zoho Creator

World Vision employs over 45,000 humanitarian workers throughout 100+ countries. See how they..

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Get Expert Guidance in Choosing Your CRM