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Infrastructure Modernization

Embrace the freedom new cloud infrastructure can bring.

Our infrastructure modernization strategies span simple migrating to applying the latest innovations for an optimized setup.

Why Cloudbakers

Better infrastructure is built in the cloud.

Whether you’re moving to the cloud for the first time or are re-architecting for cost savings, scalability or integration capabilities, we have the tools to build a better homebase for your business. With infrastructure modernization from Cloudbakers, you can focus on managing your applications and your customers while our certified team helps you take advantage of serverless architecture and the latest innovations in efficiency and reliability for your networking, storage and virtual machines.


Reduce costs by closing the doors to your on-premise datacenter


Update applications to deliver lower latency and higher uptimes


Scale automatically during peak times to meet demand reliably


Gain safety through infrastructure built with our security-first mindset

Google Cloud Platform

Improving your infrastructure together.

Google Cloud Platform’s global Public Cloud services allow your business to expand to meet your customers where they are. Using the latest in distributed, software defined infrastructure, Google’s IaaS and PaaS allow you to automate everything from setting up networks to expanding your containerization footprint using Kubernetes.


Your Options

Find the migration that’s right for you.
Not all cloud implementations are equal. Discover the migration path that will best serve your business.
Lift and Shift

It’s exactly what it sounds like: we’ll take anything compatible inside your current hypervisor and move it to the platform of your choosing. If it’s the end of the line for your physical infrastructure, time for your hardware renew cycle or if you’re looking to buy new servers or move workloads, Lift and Shift is the simple way to switch to the cloud.

Move and Improve

For when you don’t just want to move your infrastructure—you want to make it better. Move and Improve is the preferred migration for those who want to cut costs and also provides a path to increased scalability, flexibility and security. Plus, it’s all done without causing massive changes for you to navigate.

Application Re-architecture

When it’s time to make the switch to a serverless, resilient and scalable application, our team has the right recipe for your business. Application re-architecture does more than modernize—with the cloud, you can scale your app down for cost savings and quickly scale up to gain market share.

We’ll make the journey a breeze.

Don’t sweat over getting the hang of your new infrastructure—we’ll walk you through it together and train your team to take full advantage of it.


Our Case Studies

Discover how our solutions led to better business.

Read our case studies on infrastructure modernization to see how our solutions have been put to work.

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