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custom Instant CSAT solution

A whole new way to track customer satisfaction

Instant CSAT

Serving up happy customers and the data to prove it.

When it comes to measuring true customer satisfaction, a simple survey just won’t cut it. Enter our custom Instant CSAT solution.

Why Cloudbakers

A whole new way to track customer satisfaction.

With a custom Instant CSAT solution built from Google’s powerful machine learning services, you get real, easy-to-read insights to help you increase customer loyalty without having to ask your customers a single question. Yeah, it's that simple.


Know the emotion of your customers for better understanding of their experiences


Track trends in overall customer satisfaction


Discover correlations you’ve never noticed and predict which customers need your attention


Gain insights to improve process and coach your employees


Use with any data source, including CRM, email, website chat boxes and more

Google Cloud Platform

We build it with the best.

Our perfect solution for measuring customer satisfaction called for the cream of the crop in application development. With Google Cloud Platform’s mix of machine learning and development products, combined with our specialization in data analytics, Instant CSAT was made to be a success (at measuring your success).

Our recipe for success.
Your Data Sources

Phone calls, emails, chat boxes, you name it. You give us the data source, we’ll give you a full analysis.

  • Contact center
  • CRM
  • Email
  • Ticketing systems
  • Phone
  • Website
Our Ingredients from Google

We run your data through a top-notch mix of Google Cloud products—along with the Cloudbakers’ touch to make sure they work together oh so well.

  • Cloud Natural Language API
  • Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Functions
  • BigQuery
  • Data Studio
Your Report from Us

All the info you need to make the best decisions for your customers and your business, all in easy-to-read visuals.

  • Know your customers’ opinions, good or bad, on their experience
  • Optimize your website and content
  • Improve customer journey in CRM
  • Increase ROI for email and marketing
  • Get to the root of common issues
  • Better anticipate customer needs

Our Case Studies

Discover how our solutions led to better business decisions.

Read our case studies on GCP data modernization to see how our solutions have been put to work.

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