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custom cloud solutions experts

Clearing the complicated from cloud migration

Our Solutions

The solution for you (and only you).

At Cloudbakers, we’re not only custom developers—we’re consultants ready to be your wingperson in the cloud. For everything we offer, we take the time to understand your dreams and goals, then bring together the tools that are best for making them come true. That means you’ll always get the right solution, because it was built especially for you.


Collaboration & Productivity

With the ability to create, store and discuss your work anytime and anywhere, collaboration has never been easier or faster.

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Infrastructure Modernization

Whatever your current infrastructure, we’ll take it from where it is now to where you want it to be in a scaled, secure and cost-effective way.

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Data Modernization

Get the most out of your data with optimized operations and analytics that give you more accurate, actionable insights.

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Application Modernization

Don’t think your ideal solution exists? Or, if it already exists do you need to migrate and modernize it? Our custom development shop will whip it up for you in a way that best serves your needs.

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Our get the hang of it guarantee.

You may not be familiar with the ins and outs of the 
cloud now, but never fear. Our implementation process 
is a true team effort. We get your leadership team 
advocating for your solution, your IT department  
involved in its creation and your entire company 
following our process of change management to ensure 
smooth sailing and successful adoption. And on our 
end? We’re fully transparent about our work and how it 
will impact your business.

Our agile methodology
Our agile methodology was established to ensure we’re always focused on what matters most: making your business’s cloud journey a rewarding one.
Google Cloud Solutions

Individuals and interactions over inflexible processes and tools
Google Cloud Solutions

Working software over comprehensive documentation
Google Cloud Solutions

Responding to change over following a rigid plan
Google Cloud Solutions

Client collaboration over contract negotiation

The full project lifecycle.

From finding your solution to mastering it, you’ve got a partner
through it all. See for yourself how the work will break down to get
your solution up and running.


That extra mile.

We take every level of your organization from the cloud ABCs to full-blown fluency with Google guides, training sessions, workshops and more in our Change + Adoption practice. By the time we’ve transformed your company with its new technology, you’ll wonder how your business ever ran without it.

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Explore case studies, white papers, ebooks and videos to see how our solutions are put to work transforming some of the most innovative industries.