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Security at Scale: Why the Cloud is Government's Answer for Safe Digital Transformation

Security at Scale for the Public Sector

White Paper

Understanding the Principles of Cost Optimization

How to predict cloud costs
Your ability to shift and change as the business changes matters more than ever.

There’s always some degree of uncertainty when you’re making plans and setting goals for your business. You never really know how customers will respond to a product, or whether sales forecasts will be accurate. But you can control how efficiently you run your technology systems, and track how well they’re serving your business users.

Today, with even greater global uncertainty added to the usual business uncertainty, it’s even more important that you use your existing tech resources wisely, and do as much as you can with what you have. Getting more out of your cloud resources can translate into more customers served, more issues resolved, and more adaptability for the overall business. We’ve gathered best practices so that you can get more out of your existing resources— more VMs, more storage, more queries—and help your business meet its goals.

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