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Fixing IT's Blind Spots

8 Critical Security & Management Policies to Implement in Your SaaS Environment

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is transforming the modern workplace as we know it!
But as SaaS adoption continues to skyrocket, control is increasingly shifting to end users—not IT. End users can control file sharing settings, create their own groups, install third-party apps by themselves, and so forth. All too often this results in headline-worthy data breaches. What can you do to regain control?

In this white paper, we’ll:

• Explain which policies you must implement at the bare minimum (and why)
• Provide industry best practices
• Identify the biggest blind spots IT has & how to solve them
• Discuss the business value of policies and dispel common myths
• Describe how to develop robust policies & how you should be thinking about them

Download this white paper better manage all your SaaS platforms!
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