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The ROI of Chrome OS

Google Chrome for Enterprise
Forrester uncovers value through a Total Economic Impact analysis
Google Cloud designed Chrome with G Suite to help businesses improve security, increase productivity, and strengthen the employee experience. How does this all translate into tangible financial results?

Based upon a number of interviews with customers, we have learned that Chome OS with G Suite is delivering value in five key ways:

  • Decreased User Downtime
  • Security Cost Avoidances
  • Legacy Technology Savings
  • Improved User Productivity
  • Increased Mobility Savings

Some key results of the study are:

  • Increased mobility saves 22 minutes per day by using Chrome OS with G Suite
  • 20% reduction in security incidents or breaches per year
  • The breakeven point for investment in less than 6 months
  • 359% ROI
Download this report today and learn how Chrome OS with G Suite is impacting organizations like yours.
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