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Managing Customer Relationships

Sales has evolved into more than just a transaction. It is now a responsibility of the reps to create meaningful relationships with those they're selling to  and potentially the entire team surrounding that person. Most sales teams aren't getting enough from their current Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs). The value of these business development tools come from the unique configurations that match your business processes and workflows. Without them, it's tough to achieve your current sales goals. With them, you'll start beating even higher ones.

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM | Cloudbakers

A powerful, reasonably priced, cloud-based CRM that provides the tools SMBs need to create lasting client relationships.
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Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator | Cloudbakers Custom Development

A cloud-based development platform that allows for cost-effective, quick, seamlessly-integrated custom applications.
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By extending Zoho CRM using Zoho Creator, you provide your business with the freedom to expand on the processes they take for granted. Sales doesn't have to be cut-and-dry. Your contact directory doesn't have to stand alone. Your Sales Reps don't have to be tied down to one office or device. You don't have to stop innovating, and your projects don't have to cost you a fortune. 

What does this mean for your business? 


Save with Zoho 

Zoho products are the most cost effective on the market. If you're looking for an alternative to Salesforce, these products provide all the functionality needed at a fraction of the cost.


Integrate Effectively with CRM

When you build out your sales process with native Zoho platforms, you experience the platform communication only tools specifically built for each other can provide. 


Experiment with Custom Applications Using Zoho Creator

With Zoho Creator, your sales process doesn't stop developing until you do. Expand and experiment with new revenue streams, client portals, applications & more.

Why Cloudbakers?

The developers at Zoho created platforms with simplicity in mind; their interfaces have allowed development teams to piece together powerful programs in record time. The Cloudbakers Zoho Engineers are extremely experienced. When you combine this deep product knowledge with the ease of use of Zoho, the results are two-fold: Extremely fast development of applications that leverage the deepest aspects of Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM, and less client money spent paying developers for their time. 


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