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Zoho CRM

Zoho One, Zoho Partner

Why Zoho CRM

Put your money where your business development is.

Sales is about a whole lot more than selling—it’s about beneficial, happy relationships with your customers. Building those relationships is at the heart of Zoho CRM, but it’s capabilities go beyond customer satisfaction. From email to social media, all your channels team up to streamline notifications and empower your team to collaborate and respond to customers in real time. It also enables you and your managers to oversee sales performance via in-depth analytics. That means a better understanding of your sales activities, better decision-making, better profitability and better connections with customers—all with one platform.


Customize: Pick and choose the solution for your company’s size, industry and budget and take it a step further with customized modules and functionalities


Migrate: Safely move from your current CRM system to Zoho without worrying about loss of data


Integrate: Get your third-party apps and software integrated with Zoho to ensure you get all the data you need in one place


Manage: Determine where leads and opportunities are, how to capitalize on them and who they are assigned to in your team with full visibility of your sales pipeline


Analyze: Measure performance across all sales activities (or, if your up for it, across all your operations)

Zoho Premium Partner

We have an in with Zoho.

Not all Zoho partnerships are equal. We don’t like to toot our own horn, but it takes some serious chops to be able to call yourself a Zoho Premium Partner. Our expertise is in CRM Sales Management, but our Premium partnership means we’re with you in customizing, integrating and implementing any Zoho solution you choose.

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Kick your CRM into high gear.

Stick to the OG offering, Zoho CRM, or take your business up a notch with one of these more robust solutions.


CRM Plus

Your standard Zoho CRM, plus a suite of nine additional applications to benefit your sales, marketing, project management and support teams.

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All the Zoho apps (that's over 40 of 'em), for all your team members 

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The Cloudbakers Difference

Get it from Zoho, learn it from us.

We have no doubt you’ll love Zoho’s CRM—but when it comes to the setup and getting the hang of everything it offers, you might need a helping hand. So, in comes Cloudbakers. As with all our CRM implementations, we’ll walk you through all the bells and whistles of each bundled application and ensure your business has the tools for success.

Our Case Studies

Let Zoho speak for itself.

Read our case studies for a better idea of how Zoho can transform your business.

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