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What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a low-coding development platform that allows you to build online database applications tailored to your specific business processes. The platform utilizes Deluge, a powerful scripting language, to design applications with minimal code input from the developer. Depending on the project, there are numerous reasons why we choose to develop on Zoho Creator.

Why do we love it?

Simplicity and Speed Build Apps Easily and Quickly in Creator

Creator's drag-and-drop interface is unrivaled in its simplicity. This ease of use means people with little (or no) coding experience can develop sophisticated applications on the platform. While Cloudbakers programming specialists all have extensive coding experience, this simplicity allows us to develop applications in a fraction of the time it could take using other cloud based development tools. 

Integrations with Zoho CreatorCapacity for Integration

One of the many reasons cloud based applications are growing in popularity is their incredible capacity to cooperate with one another. Native to the Zoho Suite, Creator produces applications that are exceptionally well integrated into other tools such as Zoho CRM. The efficiency of these Zoho-Zoho integrations opens the doors to process automation that dramatically improve productivity.

Internal Process OptimizationZoho Creator Ideal for Internal Process Optimization

The platform we use to develop a custom application depends on the nature of the application desired. When creating applications that are designed to optimize internal business processes we greatly prefer Zoho Creator. The speed at which we can get these applications up and running means minimal disruption to existing business processes. The integrations we are able to utilize allow clients to streamline their workflows in new, innovative, and efficient ways. All custom application development projects are different, but all Creator projects tend to provide the same degree of benefit when augmenting a company's business processes.

All with the same features you love from Zoho

Mobile Access

Mobile Apps for Zoho Creator

Thorough Reporting

Thorough Reporting with Zoho Creator

Cost Effective

Big Savings with Zoho Creator



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