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Zoho Role-Based Training


Discovery Guide for Manufacturing

Zoho Implementation Preparation Document

How to prepare for a Zoho Implementation
Devise a quality plan, filling any and all gaps
We'll help cover your SaaS...strategy so that your Zoho experience is smooth from beginning to end...-user adoption.

Our team understands manufacturing and knows the ins and outs of the Zoho platform, so please take advantage of our expertise.

We've set up this step-by-step guide to walk you through each functional unit of your organization:
  • Sales & Enablement Funnel Management
  • Marketing & Funnel Management
  • Service & Operations Processes
  • Warehouse & Operations Processes
  • Accounting Processes

We also added in a section to review your ERP or custom database, as well as steps to help manage the change for your users. You can't forget about adoption!

Digging down further

For each of these functions, Cloudbakers has broken down the information into four key sections.

  1. Team Review: In many manufacturing organizations, there are multiple cross functional teams which need to collaborate throughout a customers' lifecycle. For example, the accounting team is often involved in credit checks for pending prospects throughout the sales process along with their standard company accounting roles. For each functional business area listed, we’ll review the all other teams involved in collaboration for that business area's day-to-day activities and responsibilities.

  2. Environment Review: Across each business unit, there are likely a number of different applications utilized to enhance the team’s performance. We’ll be taking a look at each tool, the information contained, and the use case for that business unit.

  3. Process Review: Each organization typically has a process and data flow that is somewhat unique to that organization's core principals. We’ll explore the multiple processes necessary to take a client from lead to customer and beyond including the trail of customer data when passing from one business unit to the next.

  4. KPI Review: Reporting is necessary to keep your business running operationally sound. Understanding key metrics helps the business explain gaps in the current company processes, data collection tools, and holes in operations. Sometimes working backwards from the final vision is the best way to begin a project.

We're confident that with the right discovery and planning, your strategy will come to life seamlessly and your entire team will be on board.

Complete this guide to ensure a successful Zoho implementation and configuration.
Download your discovery guide here: