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Zoho Role-Based Training


Get the most out of Zoho with functional Training

Zoho Role-Based Training for your organization

Zoho CRM illustration
You've gotten your company onto Zoho. Now what?
Make sure you're maximizing your investment in Zoho by letting Cloudbakers train your staff with role-specific tracks.

Our team understands your business, so let our team train yours.

Cloudbaker's Zoho Role-Based Training programs cover the following roles:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Zoho Administration
What you get

For each of these sessions, Cloudbakers utilizes an internally developed demonstration environment of Zoho.

Participants are then encouraged to utilize their organization’s Zoho instance to put trainings into practice.

Training tracks include a pre-training email communications plan to alert participants of upcoming scheduled sessions and steps to prepare and access Zoho.

Participants should be limited to 15 people for all sessions, the same people should attend all sessions.

What are the sessions like?
Sessions are 60-90 minutes each with time for questions and can be conducted virtually or in person. These are recommended to be scheduled over the course weeks, but can be arranged in shorter or longer time periods.

What technology will be used?
Virtual sessions are conducted via webinar where participants are able to follow along and ask questions, sessions are all recorded and shared after the sessions. If preferred, in person sessions can be conducted onsite with a maximum of 3 sessions per day. 

Reach out to the 'Bakers to get some Zoho Training rolling!
Let's talk about how we can help your company with Zoho role-based training!